I have never taught a child to read. I have never taught a child to read!

Panic and doubt began to swirl as this realization hit. Baby Sweet, the last of our children, was entering kindergarten but this time we were homeschooling. The older two Sweets learned to read in public school.

Great. If she doesn’t read, it’s all my fault. (My inexperienced perspective, at the time).

What I hadn’t realized is that Baby Sweet has been a home learner from the beginning. She begged to do school like her siblings between the ages of three and four. I found free printables to keep her busy while the older two did their work. She loved it!

My experience resonated within. “Get the curriculum. Follow the program. Do the work. She will eventually read. Don’t push her”.

Do you know what happened?

Baby Sweet learned to read. We even had a good time doing it!

My journey to patience grew a little more.

SIDE NOTE: We were fortunate to not have any reading difficulties. If your child struggles with dyslexia, you can still homeschool!


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