Where do I start?


Pray for discernment. Pray for what is best for your family. Pray for strength.

Know the Law

Google homeschool guidelines for your county. Read them. Homeschooling laws can vary greatly from location to location. Know the deadlines for starting and finishing the school year in your county. Do you have to take attendance? Is year end testing required? What is required for the portfolio? How long do you have to keep it?


Talk to your village of friends, especially homeschool families. Find out what curriculum they use and like. Do you want to join a co-op or work on your own? If you plan to join a group, find out the cost and deadline for admission.

If available, check out a homeschool convention in your state. Conventions provide a large amount of information and can be a little overwhelming but are typically worth it. If you are in Florida, I highly recommend FPEA’s convention in Orlando http://fpea.com/events/2916/2018-florida-homeschool-convention.


Did I mention prayer? Bathe your homeschool in prayer.


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