The Perfect Curriculum

What curriculum are you using? It is a hot topic among homeschool families. My answer?

It depends on the kid.

Currently, in our homeschool, we have one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary. I don’t use combined curriculum (although I’ve heard other families love it). Each child learns differently. I try to choose what works best for them.

Example: Free Spirited Sweet LOVED Apologia Astronomy. She enjoyed filling out the workbook and had no problem navigating the textbook. Sporty Sweet, at the same age, could not figure out what to do with the workbook. He prefers Abeka Science with questions built in to the textbook, right after each chapter.

The one curriculum both older kids agree on is math. Sporty Sweet loves math and Free Spirited Sweet wishes math would go away. They both enjoy using Teaching Textbooks. Teaching Textbooks is a CD-ROM based curriculum that does the teaching and grading for you (YAY)! Students watch a lesson on the computer, try practice problems, then do 20 or so regular (graded) problems.  Check it out here!

You know your children better than anyone else. You can do this!

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