When you need Pinterest

C r a f t y

It is a word many people describe themselves with.

Not me.

It might not be my gift but I have one craft loving child, Baby Sweet. She loves all things paint, colored pencils, markers, and construction paper. She has a raw talent for drawing and relishes making cards for people.

How does a non-crafty momma enrich a craft loving child?


Laugh all you want but Pinterest has some great ideas for kid crafts! My problem isn’t necessarily executing the craft but coming up with it.

One recent example has to do with these colored hearts. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’ve been cutting out hearts and writing encouraging notes on them for my kids. One by one, these heart notes have appeared on the kids doors overnight since February 1. Yes, the idea came from Pinterest but the encouraging words have come from me and my husband. It isn’t easy to come up with 84 different positive notes but it is worth it!

I’d love to hear about ways you use Pinterest (besides just vegging out for 5 minutes or an hour).



2 thoughts on “When you need Pinterest”

  1. My son is very fond of holidays and pinterest was a godsend in coming up with fun things to do and make and eat! One of our favorite valentine traditions when the kids were little was that my husband brought home a big bunch of heart balloons from the party store for them to discover in the morning. The house seemed festive for a week!


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