Find your comfy place

Tuesdays are busy for our family. Free Spirited Sweet helps out with classes at our dance studio in the morning, Sporty Sweet has piano after lunch, and both Baby Sweet and Free Spirited Sweet have dance classes in the afternoon and evening. It’s a long day with a sliver of time at home in the middle.

Most Tuesdays we do school on the run – in the car, at the dance studio, and even at the restaurant where we eat lunch. My favorite part of the day is the sliver of time at home. Our family has a comfy place that we all adore and on Tuesdays, I love to relax here during our down time.

Today, Free Spirited Sweet joined me to work on math. It is her least favorite subject so we usually try to find an element of comfort to help with the task. Most days, she uses music to focus. Today, she joined me on a pile of blankets, right in front of our electric fireplace. (Yes, it might be 70 degrees outside but we still use it!) She got through two lessons with a few breaks to laugh at silly pictures or watch a video clip or two online. Best part? We were together.

If your child struggles through a certain subject, try implementing comfort measures to help make it more tolerable. We’ve used chewing gum, weighted blankets, music, pillows, stuffed animals, chocolate, and even munching on cucumbers to help our children get through the least favorite lessons.

Is it a requirement? Certainly not.

Did it make for a happier homeschool day? Absolutely.

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