The “S” Word

Homeschool family or not, if you discuss homeschooling, the “S” word eventually pops up.

S o c i a l i z a t i o n

*insert eye roll here*

Answering the socialization question has become routine for me. The usual answer, “Have you met my children?” I have extremely social children and have no doubt that they will grow up to be properly socialized adults. My hope is that they will see people through the eyes of Jesus – something you can’t necessarily teach in a classroom. Enough about the children, however.

Mr. Sweet and I recently went out of town for the weekend for a special event without the kids. He works very hard to support our family and it was nice to have a break from the normal routine. At one point I found myself talking incessantly and it hit me. Socialization isn’t just for the kids. The homeschool parent needs it, too!

“The activity of mixing socially with others.”

Stay at home moms and dads, when was the last time you mixed socially with others?


My thoughts, exactly.

We spend countless hours enriching our children (sometimes just helping them survive) and forget that we need a little interaction, too.

Be intentional about your adult socialization. Go on a date with your spouse. Talk to each other. Plan a coffee hour with other homeschool moms (without the kids). Talk to the homeschool moms who are waiting on kids at art class, instead of sitting in your car. Ok, that was a personal example 😬 but you get the point.

Socialization…not just for the students.


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