Try something new

When homeschooling children in elementary and middle school, the parent typically picks out curriculum they think is best for the child. High school is a great time to let your developing teenager help make some of the curriculum choices. After all, if you have to choose electives, you might as well pick something you like!

With that in mind, Free Spirited Sweet wanted to try her hand at photography. Great idea except I don’t really know how to use the fancy cameras. Fortunately, the state of Florida has a virtual school (online classes) that offered such a class! We didn’t have experience using this virtual school platform so it was a learning experience for the both of us and the hurricane that visited Florida added a little extra flair from the beginning.

Free Spirited Sweet had phone meetings with the teacher (who was AWESOME, by the way) and did her work online. The course required weekly photo shoots of some sort and it was exciting to see her creativity shine through. Nearing the end of the semester, her teacher was abruptly moved to another class, leaving her with a brand new teacher.

She. Was. Not. Happy.

Free Spirited Sweet had built a relationship with the original teacher. His passion for photography and the way he encouraged the students fueled her desire to capture even better photographs. There was nothing wrong with the new teacher. They just hadn’t built a relationship, yet, nor was there time for one.

It was a lesson in perseverance. We had no control over the teacher change. We did, however, have control over how we handled the situation. Free Spirited Sweet pushed through the disappointment and finished the class with a great grade. As a mom, I’m proud of the photographs she captured but I’m more proud of her growth as a person.


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Photo credit: Free Spirited Sweet


2 thoughts on “Try something new”

  1. My son is having a good experience with florida virtual too. Some of his high school electives are programming, done virtually, guitar and piano and breadbaking. My other son has an art class he goes to weekly and helps with his co-ops yearbook. The possibilities are endless. I look forward to seeing your daughters hurricane pics when i get on a more javascript friendly machine!


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