Patience is a virtue

“I could never homeschool my kids. I don’t have patience.”

I hear the patience quote almost as much as I hear the socialization question. Allow me to let you in on a little secret…homeschool parents aren’t overly patient, either. *gasp*

Most of us start out the parenting journey with high hopes of raising children who are _____________ (fill in the blank to match your family). We’re excited to bring home the new baby. Then the work begins. Sleepless nights, a baby who has difficulty latching, colic, reflux, sickness, the list goes on. Do those experiences require patience? Absolutely. Patience is grown within us as we navigate difficult situations. (Here’s the official definition: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset). There is your key phrase…without getting angry or upset. Do we get upset? Of course – we’re human! Over time, you find yourself handling these necessary but difficult situations with a tad more patience. Patience for homeschooling isn’t much different than the patience required to care for a new baby. Homeschooling parents lose their cool on any given day, just like other parents. What helps us be patient? Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. It also helps that we have more time to help our kids with school work. The time freedom of when the work needs to be finished helps lessen the stress load. If you want to homeschool, don’t let the lack of patience issue stop you. The patience will come and so will the joys.


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