Free Spirited Sweet

What makes birthdays so nostalgic for us moms? Free Spirited Sweet celebrates her birthday today and I find myself going back over the timeline of her birth as the day goes on.

We weren’t expecting her today. She wasn’t due for another 10 days. First baby. I figured there was plenty of time. My growing belly measured small at the last appointment so Mr. Sweet and I were impatiently waiting at a high risk doctor’s office for an ultrasound. Impatiently waiting because they were packed, I was starving, and he had to get back to work.

When our names were finally called, we went back to the ultrasound room only to find out that our baby was breech and my amniotic fluid was a generous 4. I really didn’t understand, at this point, that we should be concerned. It was when the doctor said, “you’re going straight to the hospital to have a c-section,” that I started internally freaking out. He was on the phone with my OB as we walked out the door.

It was a 30 minute drive to our hospital. Mr. Sweet drove and kept calm while I called family and ugly cried. About halfway there, a freak thunderstorm hit and I started having back contractions. Uncomfortable and upset, we arrived at the hospital only to find out my doctor wanted to wait until office hours were over to deliver the baby. I was hooked up to monitors and we waited.

When the time finally came for the surgery, I was scared. I wanted to run out of that room. I stayed and felt a prayerful peace overtake my mind. Still scared but peaceful. Tiny, 5lb 13oz Free Spirited Sweet was delivered and handed over to Mr. Sweet. She had a high pitched cry, for sure! She was the only baby in the nursery that night. Mr. Sweet was able to stay with her and the rest of our family was able to meet her, one by one, while I recovered.

This began our parenting journey and it seems like it was yesterday. We love this girl greatly! She has grown into a lovely young woman. Treasure the time you have with your children, no matter the age. Time surely flies.


2 thoughts on “Free Spirited Sweet”

  1. Wow, as I read this a flood of emotion immediately hit me. Took me right back to the moment you called me and told me what was happening. Thankful for sweet friends that came to my rescue and drove me to the hospital in the storm…I was in no condition to drive. Praising the Lord and remembering that He is with us always, especially during the storms. Parenting, although hard at times is truly a wonderful journey filled with twist and turns and some of the most outstanding rewarding memories of your life. It is also one of the hardest things you will ever experience. However, it is those fun happy memories that rise to the top and outshine any troubles along the way. I am grateful for the privilege of being a parent and a grandparent. I’ve always said that what makes being a grandparent so special, is that you get to love and enjoy those precious children without all the responsibilities that come with parenting.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. Our thoughts of significant events like this remain vivid in our minds. I’m thankful for your sacrifice and willingness to bring Free Spirited Sweet into the world and for God’s influence and protection. I’m glad we can look back and see how life transpired. You are the selected ones to rear those entrusted to your care and look how she has developed. What a great reward for your faithfulness and influence.

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