Viva Las Vegas!


Mr. Sweet and I recently returned from a 5 day stay in Las Vegas, Nevada. He attended a conference there for work and was happy to have me tag along.

Truthfully, I almost decided not to go. Going out town and leaving children behind with grandparents takes quite a bit of effort. It seemed easier to stay home, content with the monotony of my daily tasks. Had I kept that mindset, I would have missed out on some great chill time in our very busy time of year and our kids would have missed out on spending precious time with their grandparents. So, off we went.

I wasn’t too comfortable walking around Las Vegas by myself, while Mr. Sweet was in meetings, so I chose to stay close to the hotel room for most of our day time there. In doing this, I was able to do my daily quiet time without interruption, spend time on my hair and makeup (if we were going to a show that night), read, think clearly, catch up on my favorite recorded show (5 weeks behind), and think through some policy documents I needed to write for the dance studio.

Not very exciting for a Las Vegas excursion but it was exactly what I needed. I came home refreshed and ready to take on the month of May.

Take the time to intentionally be still and free from busyness.

Here are a few photos from our trip:


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