Dear Mr. President

When your youngest daughter wants to write the President of the United States a letter, you allow it.

We had a trip planned to Washington D.C. for the end of November and were hoping to get a tour of the White House. What I failed to realize, is that it is the most popular time to visit since everyone wants to see the house so beautifully decorated.

In anticipation of this trip, she wrote a letter to the President, using her best handwriting, and invited his family to her 10th birthday party.

That letter was written in October 2018.

I explained to her how busy the President was and that it would probably take a while for her to get back a letter of any sort.

Yesterday was her day.

I flipped through our mail and noticed a clean, cream colored envelope addressed to my youngest. Return address? The White House. I called her to me and showed her. As tears ran down her face, she tried to open the envelope (it was tightly sealed). Once open, she pulled out a single card and read it silently (still crying). She passed it to her brother to read. I was last to read it and was pleased to see it started off with “Happy Birthday.”

Now, I know there are aides to read mail and such but the fact that she got a return letter that wasn’t completely generic, made me smile. She will remember receiving this for a long time.



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