Dear Mr. President

When your youngest daughter wants to write the President of the United States a letter, you allow it. We had a trip planned to Washington D.C. for the end of November and were hoping to get a tour of the White House. What I failed to realize, is that it is the most popular time… Continue reading Dear Mr. President


Homeschooling Through Grief

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, tells us there is a time for everything. I feel like now is the time for telling our story of homeschooling through grief. Three years ago, after having an apparent seizure, my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. It was cancer that had spread throughout his lungs, spine, and brain. We felt like we… Continue reading Homeschooling Through Grief

Capitol Crypt

If you haven’t had a chance to tour the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., here is a tiny bit of what you will learn.

In my opinion, every family should visit Washington, D.C. to really appreciate how our nation was built.

Tittle Thoughts

The white stone compass star in the center marks where the city’s four quadrants meet. 

Yes, you read this correctly.  There is a place in the U.S. Capitol called the Crypt. 

For a long time the term has referenced the
space below the main floor of a church or a chamber in a mausoleum. We often think of a crypt as a place for
burial, right?

Why the capitol then?  It is something different. The Crypt contains 40 smooth Doric columns of sandstone, which support the arches holding up the floor of the Rotunda,  the large, domed, circular room located in the center of the Capitol on the second floor. 

The columns are modeled on the Temple of Poseidon, which were the shortest and the strongest columns that survive from classical Greece.

The sandstone floor hosts hundreds of people visiting every day from around the world.  The white stone compass star…

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Go or Stay?

We’re Floridians. Hurricanes are a part of our life. We always hope and pray for a Cat 1 or 2. It’s terrifying when the hurricane rapidly strengthens. Praying for our panhandle friends today.

Tittle Thoughts

hurricane Ivan slams pier, Navarre BeachWaves hit Navarre Pier hard during Hurricane Ivan’s approach – Navarre Beach, Florida.  Hurricane Ivan was the strongest hurricane of the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season. It made landfall on the U.S. mainland in Gulf Shores, Alabama on September 16th, as a Category 3.  (Photo credit: Florida archives by Chris Duval)

Go or stay, when in harms way?  To me, that’s a no-brainer.  If my life and family is at risk for loss of life, do you think I would stay in a threat environment without making a change?  For sure – NO.

However, many people choose to remain in the main threat area during catastrophic weather – such as Hurricane Michael churning in the Gulf of Mexico toward the Florida Panhandle.  I’m watching Michael and it brings back memories of Ivan.

I recall working in Florida’s State Emergency Management Center in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan attacked the Florida Panhandle area…

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A favour from you all

A great project for our homeschool friends!

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

I have a big favour to ask from you all. A friend of mine has a child in nursery and they are asking for a letter.

gingerbread man


If you can’t read it the basic of it, is that the children ages 3-5 are learning about different places in the UK and around the world. They are making gingerbread men and one of those naughty gingerbread men is going to escape and run away.

So the favour? They would like people from anywhere in the world to send them a postcard or a letter and write on the words “run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man”

And send it to

All the boy and girls at

Park Drive Nursery

Park Drive




As the postcards and letters arrive they are going to talk about the country and the food so…

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{ Tribute to the Homeschooling Mother }

Beautiful thoughts about a homeschool mom!

My Word Soup


The homeschooling mother has no paycheck, union, or prep hour

     She wears a comfortable uniform and decorates with toddler art

She doesn’t weave her way through crowded hallways

     She treads a path littered with laundry and Legos

She doesn’t eat her lunch in the Teacher’s Lounge

    She nibbles between dish-doing and question-answering

When a stranger asks her daughter,

     “What’s 3 x 4?”

And her daughter looks at the ceiling

     And her son doesn’t seem to know his countries from his states

The homeschooling mother never says,

“What are they teaching you at school?”

     She just blushes

and vows to get out the flashcards.

But the homeschooling mother’s students:

Can divide the last cookie into perfect thirds

Know how to survive in the Arctic

Translate Latin phrases

Play Bach on a violin

Have stepped into the Middle Ages —…

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